4A State Champs

District results listed below. State results updated in blue.  Nice work Mr. Haycock and company. 
Scene Design
1st Place – Jake Petruzzelli for “Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night” – Finalist – 2nd Place
2nd Place – Brekken Gentry for “Romeo & Juliet” (we are producing this next year!!!) – Finalist – 4th Place
3rd Place – Sara Mandura & Dawson Becker for “The Drowsy Chaperone” – Finalist
4th Place – Athena Brodin & Carnessa Hunt for “James & The Giant Peach”
Costume Design
1st Place – Brekken Gentry for “Romeo & Juliet” – Finalist – Point wise tied for 3rd Place
2nd Place – Geoffrey Leishman for “Alice in Wonderland”
Make-Up Design
3rd Place – Anaka Lutz & Macy Sage for “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”
Property Design
1st Place – Athena Brodin and Brook Seal for “Jekyll and Hyde)
Ensemble Musical Theatre
2nd Place – Brooklynn Blair & Cheyden Paulson for “Like You Like It”
3rd Place – Isaiah Walls & Anaka Lutz for “Little Shop of Horrors”
Solo Musical Theatre
Qualifying  - Sara Mandura for “Nunsense”
Solo Audition
1st Place – Izzy Parks for “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo / All Quiet on the Western Front” – Semi-Finalist
3rd Place – Savannah Mallett for “The Fantastiks / Lost in Yonkers” – Semifinalist  - Finalist
Humorous Ensemble
1st Place – Isaiah Walls & Jeremy Abbott for “Who’s On First” – Semifinalist  - Finalist – 1st Place
Humorous Solo
1st Place – Savannah Mallett for “Thank So Much for Stopping”
Qualifying  - Dawson Becker for “Dialogues of the Dead”
Qualifying  - Kaitlyn Gardner for “Sweat”
Serious Ensemble
Qualifying – Elyse Neria & Libby Gaines for “Between Daylight and Boonville”
Serious Solo
Qualifying  - Libby Gaines for “Miss Julie”
Qualifying  - Morgan Labrum for “At Risk”
Original Humorous
1st Place – Geoffrey Leishman and Jeremy Abbott for “John and John LLC” – Semifinalist  - Finalist – 3rd  Place
Qualifying – Joel Cooper for “ One Man Circus” – Semifinalist  
Qualifying  - Brook Seal for “Single Pringle”
Original Serious
3rd Place – Morgan Labrum for “It Was I” – Semifinalist
Qualifying  - Rebecca Ryser for “An Soilsiu” – Semifinalist  - Finalist