Bruin Tip of the Week  September 16th - 20th  (Wk 5) 

To qualify to be exempt from semester finals at the end of each semester, students cannot have more than 3 absences and no more than 2 missing assignments.  Semester finals are scheduled for the last 2 days of the semester.  Students will take the final only at their scheduled time.  If there is a conflict, students need to see Mr. Vogt.  Also, it will be very helpful for students to check their attendance once a week just as they do their grades to clear up any discrepancies in a timely manner.  It is very difficult to go back a month or two ago to resolve attendance issues.


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 9th - 13th  (Wk 4) 

For students to receive a school excused absence for an off-campus activity during the school day, grades must be proficient in all classes.  PowerSchool will be checked the day before the activity and what is stated at that time is what qualifies the student to receive a school activity excuse.  This pertains to all field trips and state events.


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 3rd - 6th (Wk 3) 

To buy tickets to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, September 7, students must show their TFHS ID cards at time of purchase.  To buy a couples ticket, students must have both IDs at the time of purchase.  If students wish to bring a guest, they must have a guest approval form signed and presented to the ticket seller at the time of purchase.  The last opportunity to have a guest pass signed is 8 am Friday morning; one guest pass per person. 


Bruin Tip of the Week August 26th - 30th (Wk 2) 

Advisors…..have students review the dress code from their folder, our website or posters.  If the students have questions…..have them see an administrator. 


Bruin Tip of the Week August 19th - 23rd (Wk 1) 

BTW (Bruin Tip of the Week) – if you need to leave during the school day, you must be cleared by the attendance office  BEFORE you leave.  To be cleared you either receive a Lime Green note or be summoned to the attendance office.  Also, when you are absent, a guardian must call send a message to the attendance office within 48 hrs.  Failure to follow either of these procedures may result in being assigned passroom.