Bruin Tip of the Week February  March 9th - March 13th  (Wk 27)  It is time to set an appointment time with your advisory teacher for Parent Conferences March 17 & 18.  Please confirm a time by the end of the week


Bruin Tip of the Week February  March 2nd - March 6th  (Wk 26)  Sign of a strong sense of self…….. “consider the opinions of others, but you make the final decision of your own life”   Dr. Julie Hawks  As you make decisions on what classes to take next year or masking plans for post high school, make the path you follow your own. 


Bruin Tip of the Week February 24th - February 28th (Wk 25)“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”  Robert Collier  We are close to the end of the 3rd quarter and soon report cards will be distributed to parents.   Academic achievement continues to be the focus of Twin Falls High School.


Bruin Tip of the Week February 17th - February 21st (Wk 24) Wednesday begins the registration process for the year’s classes.  Students need to put a lot of thought into their choices; making changes later will be difficult. We expect full capacity in every class next school year.


Bruin Tip of the Week February 10th - February 14th (Wk 23) the Student Council is recognizing Kindness Week……..the objective is to share genuine empathy and be considerate of others at Twin Falls High School, resulting in a more positive school culture.


Bruin Tip of the Week  February 3rd -February 7th (Wk 22)  Overtime begins this week……..Tuesdays in room B-3; Thursdays in room Q-5.  If you are behind in your school please attend these sessions.  Ms. Sorenson and Ms. Lincoln are very willing to help.


Bruin Tip of the Week  January 27th-January 31st (Wk 21) Reminder……..ALICE is our safety protocol. “A” refers to being aware of your surroundings at all times and being prepared to make a safety decision at a moment’s notice.  Twin Falls High School will be having a building evacuation drill on Wednesday at 10 am.  During the drill be aware of an unusual situation.


Bruin Tip of the Week January 20th - January 24th (Wk 20) Twin Falls High School needs your help…..we wish to have a successful and effective recycling system.  When disposing of trash, please take a moment and separate recyclables. A regular trash can is placed next to the recycle containers if you need it to sort.  Putting contaminants in the recycle cans creates extra work for several people.


Bruin Tip of the Week January 13th - January 17th (Wk 19) This is Mental Health Awareness Week…… you will be exposed to several effective skills to cope with stress.  If during the semester you begin to feel some anxiety, be willing to try a couple of coping strategies


Bruin Tip of the Week January 6th - January 10th (Wk 18) The beginning of a new semester is the opportunity for a fresh start in all classes.  Please reflect on your study habits………….maximize what you do best.


Bruin Tip of the Week December 16th - December 20th (Wk 17) This is a very busy week and prioritizing your time will be very important to complete first semester.  Good communication will be the key to finish the semester successfully; know what work is incomplete and get it done, be on time for your EOCs and semester finals. Twin Falls High School wishes to all of you Happy Holidays.


Bruin Tip of the Week December 9th - December 13th (Wk 16) Next week is semester finals; they will be taken as scheduled.  Students……if you miss a final with verified absence, you will need to meet with Mr. Vogt to schedule a make-up time.


Bruin Tip of the Week December 2nd - December 6th (Wk 15) The semester ends in 3 weeks and many of us have a lot to do to accomplish our goals, do not neglect the work that needs to be done today.  “Don’t count the days, make each day count”      Muhammad Ali


Bruin Tip of the Week November 25th - November 29th  HAPPY THANKSGIVING BREAK!! 


Bruin Tip of the Week November 18th - November 22nd  (Wk 14) The Idaho High School Activities Association recognized Twin Falls High School for their high quality behavior at the recent state girls soccer tournament.  In their letter to us they state, “positive behavior was evident among the coaches, spectators, players and students.”   Thank you to all who represent the best of Twin Falls High School.


Bruin Tip of the Week November 11th - November 15th  (Wk 13) Students…… If you are marked UNV in one class during the day, it is the student’s responsibility to talk to that teacher to get their attendance fixed.  If the teacher agrees to the fix, they will email attendance to fix the absence.  You have 48 hours to clear up any unverified absences.


Bruin Tip of the Week November 4th - November 8th  (Wk 12) A reminder regarding extra-help opportunities, Overtime takes place 3:30 to 4:30 in room B4 on Tuesdays and  room Q5 on Thursdays.  Starting this Saturday, November 9,  Mr. Woods will be holding Saturday School in room G8, 9 am to 12 noon.  There are six weeks left in this semester; EOCs and semester finals will be upon us very quickly.


Bruin Tip of the Week October 28th - November 1st  (Wk 11) The students at Twin Falls High School has always been recognized as being good citizens in the community and we need to continue to live up to that reputation daily.  The past couple of weeks our neighbors have contacted us with a concern regarding our litter and crossing their property.  The Lynnwood Mall has asked that we act more appropriately on their premises and clean up after ourselves.  Please demonstrate the pride we have in our school and community.


Bruin Tip of the Week October 21st - October 25th  (Wk 10) As the new quarter begins, academic success begins with student engagement with the learning activities of the classroom.  Students who participate in class are more engaged in their learning and are better able to retain information in their memories, since thoughtful questions and discussions makes the new information significant.


Bruin Tip of the Week  October 14th - October 18th  (Wk 9) This week, students you will need to prepare your script to share with your parents on your progress in each class for Student-Led Conferences.  Appointments will need to be made with parents/guardians for October 22/23


Bruin Tip of the Week  October 7th - October 12th  (Wk 8) 

Students… prevent yourself from being a victim of theft, never leave your valuables unattended and when need be, lock them up.


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 30th - October 4th  (Wk 7) 

Overtime (Extra-Help) is being held twice a week and is available to all students.  On Tuesdays it is held in B4 and Thursdays Q5 from 3:30 to 4:30


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 23rd - 27th  (Wk 6) 

This is Service Bowl Week and we are in competition with Canyon Ridge High School for the Spirit Bell.  The Student Council  is committed to winning the bell but they need your help.  Student Council will share how the students can participate.  Please support all activities and programs at Twin Falls High School, student involvement greatly enhances everyone’s high school experience.


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 16th - 20th  (Wk 5) 

To qualify to be exempt from semester finals at the end of each semester, students cannot have more than 3 absences and no more than 2 missing assignments.  Semester finals are scheduled for the last 2 days of the semester.  Students will take the final only at their scheduled time.  If there is a conflict, students need to see Mr. Vogt.  Also, it will be very helpful for students to check their attendance once a week just as they do their grades to clear up any discrepancies in a timely manner.  It is very difficult to go back a month or two ago to resolve attendance issues.


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 9th - 13th  (Wk 4) 

For students to receive a school excused absence for an off-campus activity during the school day, grades must be proficient in all classes.  PowerSchool will be checked the day before the activity and what is stated at that time is what qualifies the student to receive a school activity excuse.  This pertains to all field trips and state events.


Bruin Tip of the Week  September 3rd - 6th (Wk 3) 

To buy tickets to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, September 7, students must show their TFHS ID cards at time of purchase.  To buy a couples ticket, students must have both IDs at the time of purchase.  If students wish to bring a guest, they must have a guest approval form signed and presented to the ticket seller at the time of purchase.  The last opportunity to have a guest pass signed is 8 am Friday morning; one guest pass per person. 


Bruin Tip of the Week August 26th - 30th (Wk 2) 

Advisors…..have students review the dress code from their folder, our website or posters.  If the students have questions…..have them see an administrator. 


Bruin Tip of the Week August 19th - 23rd (Wk 1) 

BTW (Bruin Tip of the Week) – if you need to leave during the school day, you must be cleared by the attendance office  BEFORE you leave.  To be cleared you either receive a Lime Green note or be summoned to the attendance office.  Also, when you are absent, a guardian must call send a message to the attendance office within 48 hrs.  Failure to follow either of these procedures may result in being assigned passroom.