COVID-19 3-15-20

TFSD Parents, Staff, and Patrons:


Superintendents across the valley are trying to balance concerns from parents, guidance from South Central Public Health District, and other medical professionals, as well as what is in the best interest of every student and staff member. We have several precautions in place at this time and are continually evaluating and adapting as the situation changes.


The Governor, in collaboration with the Idaho Association of School Administrators, the Idaho School Board Association, and the State Superintendent’s office, has scheduled a conference call for today in which they will address COVID-19 with education stakeholders. The Governor’s Office has requested that we wait until after this conference call to make any decisions related to school closure.  


Our neighborhood schools are centers for our community and provide meals and other critical services for our students. Students receive the best educational experience when in school. As long as our schools remain safe for students, staff, and our community, we will remain open. If school closures are required, we will do our best to provide parents and staff with as much notice as possible. We know many parents have concerns about whether schools will be open this week and need time to plan in the event that schools close. Please start making child care plans now so that our community is prepared, should schools need to be closed for an extended period of time.


Of course, we will respect the right of parents/guardians to make choices they believe are best for their child.  We have suspended attendance policies and simply ask that if you choose to keep your student home from school that you contact your child’s school.