Daily Annoucements

Week 7 | September 27th – October 1st | FULL CALENDAR | ARCHIVED ANNOUNCEMENTS |

Wednesday -- September 29th

  • Homecmoing Dress up Days!! Dress code will be enforced -- HATS ARE OK 
    • Monday -- Disco Fever 
    • Tuesday -- Cotton Eye Joe - Western/Cowboy
    • Wednesday -- Fancy -- Frat/Preppy 
    • Thursday -- Rocket Man -- Space/Aliens
    • Friday -- Neon Lights 
  • Bruin Blue Crew (PepClub) Meeting Tomorrow B7 afterschool -- Strated by Chandler Rowlings as his Senior Project 
  • If you are taking a dual credit or overload course with TFHS, CSI or IDLA you mush have an Advanced Opportunites form signed by a parent/gaurdian and yourself in order to access state funding for these classes. If you are unable to turn this in to the career center you may have to pay out-of-pocket for the classes you are are currently in.