BTW (Bruin Tip of the Week) Archives

Wk20 - State Tournaments


Wk19 - State Tournaments

 Reminder…….to be eligible for school excused activities such as field trips and attending state tournaments, student’s grades must be proficient in all classes.  It is in the best interest of all students to stay current in all classes every week.

Wk18 - Schedule Changes

Schedule changes must be made by January 11th. 

Wk17 - 2nd Semester Schedules

Second semester schedule changes can be made from now until January 11.  After that date, changes are done unless requested by teacher recommendation.

Wk17 - 2nd Semester Schedules

Second semester schedule changes can be made from now until January 11.  After that date, changes are done unless requested by teacher recommendation.

Wk15 - Change2Change

Change 2 Change drive begins this week and it is Twin Falls High School’s biggest effort to give back to our community.                  For the next two and a half weeks please consider how much you wish to participate in this effort .  Every day students will have the opportunity to contribute whatever amount of change they wish to this cause.

Wk14 - Pick Up Your Trash Please
Action is needed to demonstrate the pride we all have in our school.  Litter is becoming very noticeable around campus, especially the parking lot, and it is reflecting poorly on our school. 
                  The public driving along Locust and Filer have noticed the trash on our campus and have made calls to voice their concern, it is not a good look.  Let’s make an effort to show the people in this community what good citizens we are.

BTW: Thanksgiving will arrive in few days and we all need to give thanks to people who make our lives better.  80% of the Twin Falls High School student body participates in one or more extra-curricular activity or club.  These opportunities would not be available except for the leadership of the coaches, activity and club advisors for little or no compensation.  Please thank your coach or advisor for providing a quality experience for you.  There are a large of number of young people in the world who do not have the opportunity to participate in fine arts, sports, Ski Club, Quiz Bowl, Key Club and the many other offerings we have at Twin Falls High School.

Wk12 - Roper Assembly Seating Protocol
Roper Assembly Seating protocol – 
  • The Veteran’s Assembly is on Friday, students will sit with their advisory at their assigned seating location.
  • During advisory Tuesday & Thursday,  students will be informed where they are sitting by their advisory teachers. 
  • At the end of second period, students will leave their backpacks in the classroom and proceed directly to Roper. 
  • Advisory Teachers will take attendance at in the Roper
  • At the end of the assembly, students will return to their second period classroom, pick up their backpack and go to third period.
Wk11 - 90% Attendance Requirements

The Twin Falls School District attendance policy states students must achieve 90% attendance to be able to earn credit for a course.  Going into second semester, students who have missed 5 days or more need to be concerned about missing further days of school.

Wk10 - Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences

 Students will need to verify their appointment time with their advisor.  They will need to be prepared as to what they will say to their parents and share any class work.

Wk9 - State Tournament Excused Activity
            This has changed from previous years.  If students wish to attend any state tournament events this year and them excused as school activity here is the process that must be done before the event:
·         Grades in all current classes must be “C” or better at the present time
·         Parents call in to verify their approval.  At that time, absence will be verified
·         Student goes to the attendance office to request an activity form
·         Grades will be checked at the time, if grades are proficient, student will be given the form.  If not proficient, no form.  Student will need to take a verified absence.
·         Student goes to the event and gets the activity form signed by the administrator in attendance at that time.  The administrator will not sign the form the next day.
·         On the first school day of the next week, student brings the signed activity form to the attendance office and the absence will be changed to school activity
·         No other piece of paper will be accepted, so please do not lose the form.
Wk8 - Student Lead Parent & Teacher Conferences

Start to schedule and prepare for Student Lead Conferences 23rd, 24th and 25th as needed 

Wk7 - To attend school dances students must:
  • Present a TFHS student ID to buy a ticket, tickets can be purchased during the week of the dance in the junction at lunch
  • Tickets can be purchased at door the night of the dance and the student must have TFHS ID at that time
  • If you wish to bring a guest, a guest form must be completed and signed by an administrator no sooner than one day before the dance.


Wk6 - Mid Terms & More
  • Mid-term grades are being reported.
  • Overtime (Extra Help) is offered 4 days a week. 
    • Ms. Sorenson – M/W  in B4

    • Mr. Woods –   M/W   in G8 

    • Ms. Lincoln – T/W/TH  in Q5

  • A writing lab is available Tuesdays and Thursdays in G5.  Take advantage of Mr. Forster’s expertise to improve your writing
  • To receive a school activity excuse to attend state tournament competition, students must be proficient  in all class at that time.


Wk5 - Checking in...checking out!
  • If you receive a bright green note to leave, look at what time you are excused to leave.
  • When it is the appropriate time to leave, show the green note to your teacher and leave campus.
  • Do NOT come to the attendance office to “check out,” because you are already checked out.
  • Most parents are outside the front office to pick their student up, however, if you have designated a different area, meet your parent there.
  • If students are returning from an appointment, please check in at the attendance office, preferably with a Dr. note if it’s a medical appointment.