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AP Calculus

The first course in the calculus sequence . It covers algebraic and transcendental functions; rate of change; limits; continuity; differentiation of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic and hyperbolic functions; differentials, applications of differentiation, definite and indefinite integrals, area between curves, volumes and other applications of integration. Alternatively, students may opt to take the AP exam for Calculus to earn possible college credits (based on score).

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The principles of physics are part of all that we do: seeing, hearing, talking, athletics, music, cars, TV, etc. Topics covered include motion, forces, gravity, momentum, energy, electricity, magnetism, sound and light. This is a project based course.

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AP Physics

This is equivalent to a first-semester college course in algebra-based physics. The course covers Newtonian mechanics (including rotational dynamics and angular momentum); work, energy, and power; and mechanical waves and sound. It will also introduce electric circuits. Students passing the AP Exam in the Spring may be awarded College Credit.

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Astrophysics (Astronomy)

Astronomy is the study of the universe above the Earth’s atmosphere. This course will cover planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, the Big Bang Theory and more. Some nighttime observation will be required.

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