The Senior Project is designed to be the culmination of each student’s academic experience at Twin Falls School District (TFSD). It is a genuine opportunity for students to merge their various interests, passions, and curiosities with the community, the modern workplace and their academic lives as seniors of TFSD. Similarly, the project is a vehicle for seniors to demonstrate autonomy, complexity, and awareness. An education at TFSD has many facets, from the basic facts of subject matter, to critical thinking, problem solving, and attaining lifelong learning skills. The Senior Project is a measurement of those lifelong skills that are important to attaining a quality life and a desire for continued learning.

The Four Main Components:

1. Organization and Writing (Project Proposal)
2. Reading and Research (Research Paper)
3. Use and Application of Technical Skills (Project)
4. Oral Presentation/Portfolio (Presentation/Portfolio)

The Project Proposal (Junior Boards)

Each student will develop a project proposal during the junior year in advisory. The proposal will include an overview of the project and identify measurable goals. The proposal will identify the area of focus and the purpose of the project and illustrate how the project connects to his/her academics, community service, and/or career. The student must be able to connect his/her proposal to two of these areas.

Junior Year Action Items:


Helpful Resources:


The Research Paper

Each project will require a research paper that proves a specific thesis. The paper will be written in the MLA format and require cited sources from research. This will be completed first semester senior year in English 12A.

The Project

The project is a creation based on choosing, designing, creating, investigating, building, learning, producing, developing, etc. a product, project, or service related to the student’s interest while connecting it to academics, community service, and/or career.

The Oral Presentation/Portfolio

A portfolio will be compiled that includes all paperwork completed while working on the Senior Project. The student will provide presentations by participating in Open House and Senior Project Boards.