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Geometry is the application of algebraic concepts in terms of geometric figures. Material includes extensive study of the triangle, parallel lines, formal proofs, the Pythagorean Theorem, quadrilaterals and other polygons, circles, two and three dimensional relationships, introduction to trigonometry, proportions, area, volume, and applications of mathematical formulas.



This course covers the study of functions (linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic), conic sections and sequences/series. Right triangle and circular approaches to trigonometry are studied in depth. This course is required for students intending to take Calculus. This course is equivalent to taking both College Algebra (Math 143) and Trigonometry (Math 144).


Brief Calculus

A review of functions and their graphs, rates of change, a thorough study of limits, continuity, maxima and minima of functions, and differentiation rules and applications will be studied in this course which is intended for the student who would like an introduction to both Calculus I and Statistics. One math credit can be earned from this semester course. Prerequisites: Precalculus previous year & Recommendation

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Statistics and Probability

This advanced course deals with collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting numerical information. Students will use and apply statistical methods that are relevant to today’s world in business, science, medicine and everyday life. An intensive study of probability is included.

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