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Bruin News

The newspaper class is a year-long course dedicated to the publication of the school newspaper. Students are required to do in-depth reporting and writing. All facets of newspaper work will be included: interviewing, designing (using QuarkXPress and Photoshop), computer word processing, writing and revising. Staff members are expected to have a working understanding of the process of creating a newspaper, be able to meet deadlines, and act responsibly and ethically.

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Honors English 10

This class is offered for students who perform beyond the sophomore level on tasks related to reading, composition, and the study of language. The English 10 curriculum will be followed, but more intensive and extensive work with the reading and writing will be required.

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AP English 12

English 12 is a college preparatory class which focuses on the development of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills through the study of British literature. Composition focuses on the reflective essay and analytical essay for purposes that extend into post-high school life. A research paper tied to the Senior Project is required.

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