Parent Letter 2022-23

**Parent letter under construction** 

Registration Dates

Seniors * | 0:00 – 0:00

Juniors * | 0:00 – 0:00

Sophomores * | 0:00 – 0:00

Freshman & All others* | 0:00 – 0:00

Registration Fees

Information * | 0:00 – 0:00

Information* | 0:00 – 0:00

Information * | 0:00 – 0:00

Information* | 0:00 – 0:00

School Pictures

Class pictures will be taken for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen at registration. A picture packet will be available at registration. Senior pictures will be taken on TBD for the yearbook. Also retakes for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen will be TBD.

First Day of School

Freshman Orientation

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Period * | 0:00 – 0:00

Open House | Time & Location


School Lunch Prices

 Lunch – $3.40; Breakfast – $1.80 (You can put money on your lunch account at registration. All freshmen and new students will need to enroll for the “Touch and Go”. Please bring a separate check for your lunch account.)


Outstanding Fines

Any outstanding fines from middle school or Twin Falls High School must be paid before you will be allowed to register.


504 Policy Statement

Twin Falls School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. All interested persons, including those with impaired vision or hearing, may obtain information concerning the existence and location of Twin Falls School District services including, Section 504,
special education, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities by contacting Director of Support Services, 733-8456, ext. 3753 or Shannon Swafford, ADA Coordinator, 733-6900, 201 Main Avenue West. To access TDD/TTY relay call 733-8456 and ask for TDD/TTY phone number and state approximate time message will be sent or call 733-6900 and ask for ADA Coordinator.


Student Dress Code

It is the desire and intent of the Twin Falls School District to adopt a dress code to create an environment in our schools that is conducive to learning and free of potential distraction or danger. The Dress for Success code supports workplace norms for appropriate attire. It is our belief that schools are in the business of learning which necessitates discipline by the individual student in all areas such as language, behavior, attendance, and dress. Students are to observe the following guidelines regarding student attire:

1. Shirts must have a modest neckline (no cleavage) and be long enough to cover the midriff (front and back). No spaghetti straps, tank tops, tube, off-the-shoulder, halter tops, or muscle shirts will be allowed. No backless, strapless, or half tops are to be worn.
2. Clothes must conceal undergarments (boxers, thongs, undergarment straps, etc.) at all times. No seethrough, excessively tight or torn, or revealing attire is permitted.
3. Shorts and skirts must be just above the knee at the secondary level (6-12).
4. Pants must be worn at hip-level or higher (no excessive bagging or sagging).
5. No pajamas, slippers, or sleepwear of any kind is allowed.
6. Hats or head coverings (including sunglasses) of any kind are not allowed.
7. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Students are prohibited from wearing or carrying clothing, accessories or jewelry, or displaying piercings or tattoos, which by picture, symbol, or word, depict or allude to any of the following:
1. Drug usage, including alcohol and tobacco;
2. Controlled substances of any kind;
3. Drug paraphernalia;
4. Gangs;
5. Violence, hate groups, racial separation;
6. Sexually explicit, lewd, indecent, or offensive material; or
7. Illegal acts.
8. Visible body piercing or magnetic/glued jewelry on face, eyes, arms, hands, tongue, and feet is prohibited. Earrings, nose rings, and nose studs are allowed. Spikes, chains, wallet chains, studs, bolts, dog collars, needles, pins, sharp objects, or other jewelry deemed unsafe is not allowed at school.
9. Excessive or extreme make-up is not allowed.

There may be exclusions to the dress code policy for religious or health reasons. Disciplinary actions for violation of this policy may include suspension and/or expulsion. The building administrator or designee may determine appropriate attire options for special activity days.
REFERENCE: Idaho Code Section 33-512 AMENDED 7.8.13

Substance Abuse Policy

The threat of substance abuse is most menacing when it involves young people because of their developmental stage, are the most vulnerable members of our society in regard to health and safety issues. The purpose of this policy is to enforce Idaho law in regards to the use or possession of illegal substances by minors and to ensure that students have access to the Student Assistance Program available in the district.

The following is a brief description of the district procedure:

Non-disciplinary procedures will apply to students who self-refer or who are referred by parents, peers, staff, or through other referrals for assistance. Students who voluntarily reveal to professional staff members that they have been or are involved in the use of drugs or narcotics and students who turn in drugs or narcotics to a staff member for disposal shall have the confidentiality and anonymity of their communications fully respected. However, it is not the intention of a policy on confidentiality to protect students who are deliberately breaking the law by using, selling or pushing drugs on school grounds, but to protect the student who is actively involved in
some kind of counseling relationship and who is working toward becoming free of chemical dependency. STUDENTS SEEKING HELP SHOULD CONTACT A COUNSELOR OR CARE TEAM MEMBER IN THEIR BUILDING.

Disciplinary procedure: 
First Offense – If a student is under the influence and/or in possession of alcohol, tobacco products or controlled or dangerous substances while on or near district property during school hours or at a school sponsored activity:
a) A legal citation will be issued by a law enforcement official.
b) Parents/guardians will be notified by phone or in writing.
c) The student will receive a minimum two-day in-school suspension
d) In all cases involving use and/or possession of alcohol or controlled or dangerous substance, the student’s name will be referred to the building Student Assistance Specialist or CARE Team which is responsible for implementing a plan to offer assistance to the student. A second and/or subsequent offense will result in citation, suspension and possible expulsion by the Board of Trustees.

If a student is involved in transmitting, trafficking in or distributing alcohol or controlled or dangerous substance on school grounds or at any school sponsored function, law enforcement official(s) will be asked to intervene. If it is determined that the presence of said student is a detriment to the safety of the student body or self, there shall be a mandatory recommendation made by the school administrator to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees for expulsion.

Extra-Curricular Random Drug Testing Policy brief description:

The Twin Falls School District has an interest in establishing a school environment free of the influence of drugs and alcohol for the benefit of the safety of its students. This includes the necessity of ensuring that all extra-curricular activities sponsored by the District are conducted in a manner that will provide
for the safety and security of the students who are participating in such activities. The District expects that students that are provided the opportunity to engage in District sponsored extra-curricular activities will be drug and alcohol free during their participation in these activities.

As a result, Twin Falls School District has implemented a Random Drug-Testing Program for all students participating in extra-curricular activities which fall under IHSAA guidelines and/or High School Sanctioned Clubs/Teams.

A consent form for participation must be signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian. Throughout the school year, a predetermined number of students will be randomly selected for testing each week. To assure anonymity of students being chosen, each student who has signed up to participate in extracurricular activities will be given a student number. This number and the list of student names will be locked in a filing cabinet with access only by those who are conducting the actual test. Each week, the superintendent or his designee, will select numbers from the random sampling pool. Those conducting the testing will then match the numbers to the appropriate names and contact the student for testing.

Consequences of First Positive Result:

In the event a student is confirmed positive for the use of alcohol or other unauthorized or illegal use of a drug, the student will be given the option of:

Option 1: Participating in a drug assistance/prevention program which will Include a minimum of eight (8) hours of Alcohol and Drug Education, assessment and compliance with further recommendations and a ten (10) day or 10% of the season suspension from the activity, which is greater, but the student may practice
Option 2: Suspension from participation in all IHSAA sanctioned activities for the remainder of the activity season and the next activity season or any activity for the same length of time.

No student shall be penalized academically for testing positive for use of illegal drugs or alcohol, nor shall any student be denied any benefits or services other than the district-sponsored athletic and/or extra-curricular activities as outlined above. The results of tests pursuant to this policy will not be documented in any student’s academic records. Information regarding the results of drug tests shall be kept confidential between the superintendent, the building principal/their designee, the student assistance program representative, the student and their parent/guardian.

Federal Law (Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act) requires that the school district inform students, parents/guardians annually of our policy. Please refer to the complete Student Substance Abuse Policy on P.551 in the Twin Falls School District Policy Manual. This can be accessed on the website at