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Spanish I

Students will begin to develop skills in all areas of language and culture.

Spanish II

Students will continue a more intensive development of the target language and culture.

Dual Credit Spanish 101

This class is designed for students learning beginning Spanish at the college level. Speaking, reading, writing and listening are part of the daily work which is completed both in the traditional classroom setting and online. This class will cover basic material such as numbers, colors, and days of the week along with basic grammar. The class also covers different Cultural aspects and traditions of the Spanish speaking world. This class is recommended for juniors and seniors who are college bound and have not yet taken a foreign language as well as those students wanting to strengthen their Spanish grammar. The class is designed and taught according to CSI’s foreign language department standards.

Dual Credit Spanish 102

Sp. 102 is a continuation of Sp.101. This class is designed for the student to continue learning Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Reading, writing, speaking and listening will still be emphasized in the traditional method as well as online. Spanish traditions and customs in Spanish speaking countries will continue to be taught. In the 102 level, students will be encouraged to orally communicate more in the classroom setting. This class is designed for those college bound students who wish to learn more Spanish grammar and vocabulary that is an everyday necessity, and for juniors and seniors who need another year of Spanish. The class is designed to be taught according to CSI’s foreign language department.