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Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting is a semester course designed to introduce students to the basic tools and techniques that will ignite their creativity and build a foundation for future artistic discovery. A variety of drawings and paintings will be completed using various drawing and painting mediums. The basic elements of art, design and color theory will be emphasized while developing the skills of creative expression.

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Drawing and Painting II

Drawing and painting II is a rigorous year-long course created for students committed to creating an in-depth professional-quality portfolio of 20 pieces or more, creating designing and managing a student showcase, as well as participating in public art. In your finished portfolio mastery of drawing and painting will be demonstrated through a wide range of approaches and media, Light and shade, line quality rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation and the illusion of depth. Advanced projects will be completed using various drawing and painting mediums. Full Year enrollment is required.

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Studio Art III

Studio Art III is a year-long course for committed artists that are excited about a career in the arts, and desire to create a college ready or professional portfolio containing a minimum of 20 pieces. This class follows the completion of Drawing and Painting II, and allows more freedom but requires greater expectations in quality, concentration, and breadth of work. This course will encourage personal artistic direction while demanding a focus on advanced techniques and processes. Students will also create and design a student showcase.

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