The Twin Falls School District Passion Project is a self-driven and deeply engaging endeavor that allows our students to explore and cultivate their interests, talents, and curiosities outside the realm of traditional academic studies and is designed to be the culmination of each student’s academic experience in the Twin Falls School District (TFSD). It’s a creative and personal undertaking that stems from a genuine enthusiasm for a particular subject, activity, or cause. Unlike regular coursework, passion projects are not constrained by a rigid curriculum or assessment criteria; instead, they are fueled by the student’s own motivation and desire to learn and create. An education at TFSD has many facets, from the basic facts of subject matter, to critical thinking, problem-solving, and attaining lifelong learning skills. The TFSD Passion Project is a measurement of those lifelong skills that are important to achieve a quality life and a desire for continued learning. 

Four Basic Areas

The Components of the Passion Project 

  1. Organization and Writing (Project Proposal
  2. Reading and Research (Research Paper
  3. Use and Application of Technical Skills (Project)
  4. Oral Presentation (Presentation and Open House)
The Passion Project Proposal

Each student will develop a project proposal during the junior year in advisory. The proposal will include an overview of the project and identify measurable goals. The proposal will identify the WHY of the chosen focus area.

  • Student choice for project
  • Project proposal to be submitted to the advisory teacher
  • Proposal will be simplified, but specific
  • Viewing of a created expectation video (TBD)
  • Consistency across the district for expectations and understanding
  • 15 hour minimum (time could begin at end of Junior year as soon as approval of advisor is given)
The Research Paper

Expository Research paper to be completed Fall of Senior Year (or possible AP Junior year option)

  • Research must be connected to the project
  • must be at least 5 (full pages) to 7 pages in length
  • use a minimum of 5 sources
  • include a minimum of 5 in-text citations (one for every source)
  • include a Works Cited page
  • follow correct MLA format (header with last name and page number, heading
  • receive a grade of 65% or higher
The Passion Project

The project is based on choosing, designing, and developing a product, project, service, job shadow, or training related to the student’s interest. We encourage connection to the community or to the workforce. Minimum of 15 hours is expected. During the final presentation, evidence of time spent on the project will be presented.

The Presentation


  • Open House (Monday, March 18, 2024 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.)
    • Parents and the community are invited
  • Senior Boards Presentation
    • Juniors are required to present in their advisory class prior to the March 21st deadline
    • Seniors will present their Passion Projects to a Board on Thursday, March 21st
    • Advisory grade for both classes
    • 7-10 minute presentation on project and research paper
      • Presentation Rubric will be used

 Trifold or other visual

  • Students can choose the visual that best represents their project for the Gym Fair Open House
    • This could be a tri-fold or something that was created, a demonstration, a presentation, etc.